Mega-Net HospitalPro Functions

Mega-Net HospitalPro is an Integrated Hospital Management Information Software, developed and actively maintained by Mega-Net Software . It is an easy to use and yet powerful and intuitive software designed to effectively handle hospital processes. Mega-Net HospitalPro provides a clear and efficient interface to build the most amazing hospital and patients files without worrying about the inner working. To save a record, all you have to do is enter your values in the 'textboxes' and hit the "Save" button, etc. Its that simple. Lets take a look at the comprehensive list of all the key functions of Mega-Net HospitalPro as of version 8.0. Program:LoginLog Off and ExitSettingsReports InformationCreate Users with Different Access LevelsPatients CategoryRetained CompaniesDesignated HMOsMedical Signs & SymptomsMedical DiagnosisMedical InvestigationsPhysical ExaminationPharmacy DepartmentsPharmacy BrandsPharmacy CategoryPharmacy PresentationDoctorsWardsBanksPharmacy…

Mega-Net HospitalPro version 8.0

The long awaited Mega-Net HospitalPro, Hospital Management Information System version  8.0 is out.

You spoke and we listened! Mega-Net HospitalPro has been upgraded with new features that will make your medical records transactions entries and access really easy.

What is new?

1. Added Patients Daily Review Function.

2. Added Patients Discharged Summary Function.

3. Added Browse Doctors Consultation Function to Nurses Bay Functions.

4. Improved Doctors accessibility of Nurses Bay Observation Chart Records, Laboratory Test Results, etc

5. Added Browse Patients Daily Review Function to Nurses Bay Functions

6. Added Spo2 to Nurses Bay Observation Chart Function

7. Added Browse Patients Summary Discharge Function to Nurses Bay Functions

8. Added more useful fields to Doctors Consultation, to enable Doctors to easily view the current Observation Chart of a Patient, etc

9. Improved Laboratory Test Results Print Preview & Print. No need to enter Hospital Number to print a patient test resu…

A Case For Paperless Office

More than a decade into the 21st century, one would think we would be closer to the “paperless society” - Information Scientist Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster, envisioned in 1978. Still making a case for Paperless Office - Avoid The Paper And Go Green

Not only does going paperless clear clutter from your office environment, but it also saves you money and is a great PR message for potential customers and partners.

Also see: How Mega-Net HospitalPro Supports Paperless Hospital

A paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced.
This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form.

Going paperless” can save money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and make an Eco-friendly office.
The concept can also be extended to communications outside the office

These are what some businesses have benefited while going paperless:

• Reduced cost and qu…

Nigerians and Programming Languages

Through out my over 16 years (Since February, 2001) of programming professionally I have only met one person in Nigeria (now a friend and a colleague) that uses less popular but effective programming language. Most upcoming programmers prefer to use popular programming Languages without making any form of research to see if it fits the area of programming they would want to embark on. I think the real reason for this is that Nigeria is not a programming country besides no real guidance on this kind of stuff. But things are changing though.

When I decided in 2001 to go into programming professionally I knew I wanted to develop business applications for the end users. Programming Languages like Visual Basic 6, VB.Net, Clarion, where at my disposal to use. Back then Visual Basic 5 & Visual Basic 6 were quite popular. So I started with Visual Basic 6. It was easy to learn and program with. I soon discovered that while using Visual Basic6 you are not totally in control. That ease of us…

Story Behind Mega-Net GuestsPro

Mega-Net GuestsPro (Hotel Management Information Software) has an interesting history I would like to share with you.

We developed a little software with very limited functions we called an Hotel Management Software about 13 years ago. It was hastily done because we had an emergency information that a popular hotel in Kaduna (our head office was in Kaduna, Kaduna State then) needed Software companies to come do a presentation of their Hotel Management Software, that is if they have one. Guess what? We hadn't one! But we had to roll out one as fast as we could within 3 days. Cut a very long story short, our 'application' wasn't chosen among the ones on display.

We went back to our office and had a good laugh at ourselves because most of the ingredients that make up a good Hotel Management Software wasn't there. We had no answers to questions asked about functions for the Store, Restaurant, Bar, Accounts, Housekeeping, etc. We thought just writing functions to perfor…

How Mega-Net HospitalPro Supports Paperless Hospital

Mega-Net HospitalPro is an Hospital Management Information Software. We would be taking a look at how Mega-Net HospitalPro supports paperless hospital.

The intrinsic movement of patients files from one department to another when patients visits the hospital for medical purpose can be handled electronically by Mega-Net HospitalPro. This is one of the major reasons why it was developed in the first place.

Here is how:

Front Office: Patient walks into the Front Office of the hospital and demands to see a doctor. If he is a new patient he gets Registered by the Front Office or for an old patient a Search and Locate a Patient File operation is done and a notification is sent to the Nurses Bay about this patient, indicating
which Doctor to attend to him/her. This is done for every patient. Simple steps to achieve this:

1. Register New Patients (Bio-Data Form)
2. Search and Locate a Patient File (Bio-Data Form)
3. While selecting the patient record click “Send To Nurses Bay” button.
4. That is…

The Birth Of Mega-Net HospitalPro (Hospital Management Information Software)

Mega-Net HospitalPro is a Vertical Client/Server Hospital Management Software that can run on a standalone computer system, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and the (Cloud) Internet.

Mega-Net HospitalPro has been around for close to 13 years now. The idea to develop Mega-Net HospitalPro came about through a client of ours that had earlier on purchased two of our products.

To set the ball rolling we got in touch with a doctor friend of ours who allowed us access to his hospital, staff and its operations. We learnt quite a great deal from him and his staff. When we got through with the first version of Mega-Net HospitalPro we decided to give a copy to our doctor friend free of charge.

A while after we got four hospital/clinics who purchased Mega-Net HospitalPro in fairly quick successions before we were invited by Federal Medical Centre, Gombe (FMCG) to computerise its operations in relation to its Patients, Staff and Store operations. We essentially developed three dif…