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My Journey Through Machine Learning With Python

2018: I got interested in Machine Learning in late 2018 through a blog I accidentally stumbled upon. It was an opener to the world of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. As a Computer Science graduate and Full Stack Programmer of over 20 years, It was a no brainer to look the way of Machine Learning. I was really fascinated and excited by the capability and process of Machine Learning. 2019 In 2019 I decided to do some online hands-on Machine Learning courses after reading so numerous tutorials, posts and blogs on Machine Learning with Python.The courses included beginners to intermediate levels. Its a pity I did not document all my activities during this time. But I did document the Pre-Processing Data section of the Prima indians onset of Diabetes dataset Same year I was lucky to be invited to attend a one week Data Science, AI and Machine Leaarning with Python event, tagged AI+ Invasion Port Harcourt, organised by the Data Science of Nigeria. It was an insightful