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Mega-Net HospitalPro Functions

Mega-Net HospitalPro is an Integrated Hospital Management Information Software, developed and actively maintained by Mega-Net Software . It is an easy to use and yet powerful and intuitive software designed to effectively handle hospital processes. Mega-Net HospitalPro provides a clear and efficient interface to build the most amazing hospital and patients files without worrying about the inner working. To save a record, all you have to do is enter your values in the 'textboxes' and hit the "Save" button, etc. Its that simple. Lets take a look at the comprehensive list of all the key functions of Mega-Net HospitalPro as of version 8.0. Program: Login Log Off and Exit Settings Reports Information Create Users with Different Access Levels Patients Category Retained Companies Designated HMOs Medical Signs & Symptoms Medical Diagnosis Medical Investigations Physical Examination Pharmacy Departments Pharmacy Brands Pharmacy Category Pharmacy

Mega-Net HospitalPro version 8.0

The long awaited Mega-Net HospitalPro, Hospital Management Information System version  8.0 is out. You spoke and we listened! Mega-Net HospitalPro has been upgraded with new features that will make your medical records transactions entries and access really easy. What is new? 1. Added Patients Daily Review Function. 2. Added Patients Discharged Summary Function. 3. Added Browse Doctors Consultation Function to Nurses Bay Functions. 4. Improved Doctors accessibility of Nurses Bay Observation Chart Records, Laboratory Test Results, etc 5. Added Browse Patients Daily Review Function to Nurses Bay Functions 6. Added Spo2 to Nurses Bay Observation Chart Function 7. Added Browse Patients Summary Discharge Function to Nurses Bay Functions 8. Added more useful fields to Doctors Consultation, to enable Doctors to easily view the current Observation Chart of a Patient, etc 9. Improved Laboratory Test Results Print Preview & Print. No need to enter Hospital Number to pri