The Birth Of Mega-Net HospitalPro (Hospital Management Information Software)

Mega-Net HospitalPro is a Vertical Client/Server Hospital Management Software that can run on a standalone computer system, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and the (Cloud) Internet.

Mega-Net HospitalPro has been around for close to 13 years now. The idea to develop Mega-Net HospitalPro came about through a client of ours that had earlier on purchased two of our products.

To set the ball rolling we got in touch with a doctor friend of ours who allowed us access to his hospital, staff and its operations. We learnt quite a great deal from him and his staff. When we got through with the first version of Mega-Net HospitalPro we decided to give a copy to our doctor friend free of charge.

A while after we got four hospital/clinics who purchased Mega-Net HospitalPro in fairly quick successions before we were invited by Federal Medical Centre, Gombe (FMCG) to computerise its operations in relation to its Patients, Staff and Store operations. We essentially developed three different applications for FMCG i.e. Hospital Management Software (Mega-Net HospitalPro), Inventory Management Software (Mega-Net InventoryPro), Human Resources (Mega-Net PersonnelPro). We really did improve Mega-Net HospitalPro to a very new level while we were at FMCG.

As at today Mega-Net HospitalPro is currently being used by over 30 Hospitals/Clinics nationwide and still counting. We keep improving Mega-Net HospitalPro and new updates are continually uploaded to our site –

You can see a details page of our Hospital Management Software (Mega-Net Hospital) at

— Fredrick Ughimi (Twitter: @FredrickUghimi)–


  1. Congratulations Freddo. You are indeed a household name in Software programming and have delivered to the satisfaction of clients.


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